Conn Memorial Foundation Anniversary

Portfolio: Email Marketing | January 5, 2014

Conn Memorial Foundation Celebrates 60 Years

The Mississippi was overflowing. In 1927, a flood claimed a region roughly the size of North Carolina, took 313 lives, drove over 700,000 from their homes and destroyed $300 million in property. Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover tapped successful Mississippi land and lumber mill owner, Fred Conn, as the local Vice Chairman of Disaster Operations.

Mr. Conn’s flood relief efforts and work with the American Red Cross are cited as the spark that ignited a lifetime of extraordinary community involvement and enduring philanthropy. It was this flame that he brought to Tampa, and whose well-tended light provides leadership and grants to programs serving children and youth as the legacy of the Conn Memorial Foundation.

An initial $6 million investment has generated $33 million in funding over the past 60 years for nonprofits primarily in Hillsborough County. In addition to supporting programs, Conn’s focus is on building nonprofit capacity through education and providing leadership for community initiatives.

We Honor

The memory of Fred and Edith Conn, founders of this purpose-driven Foundation. Their astute vision, compassionate leadership and generous spirit continue to be our guiding light.

Board and staff members – past and present – who have given unselfishly of their time and talents to lead the Foundation and make our investments meaningful and impactful.

The hundreds of nonprofit and community organizations that the Foundation has partnered with to improve lives and strengthen communities.

We are proud of our history and accomplishments, and we thank you for your continued involvement with the Conn Memorial Foundation.

Fred Conn, Conn Memorial Foundation
“It ought to be the goal of every charitable group to fulfill their vision so magnificently that the result reflects individuals enriched with a clear sense of purpose and an acceptance of responsibility for their future.”

Fred K. Conn, Founder

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